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A beautiful CNC machined hilt brought to you by TXQ Sabers. Hand-selected by Dark Force Custom Sabers for modification & use in our "Core" series sabers.


Powerful and convienent all-in-one electronics chassis core, installed with your choice of Proffie or CFX.


A custom Proffie v2.2 installed pixel saber with a fully removable chassis core. The hilt is designed and provided by TXQ Sabers.


*Please note: The chassis set screw was drilled slightly off-center with the rest of the holes. Please reference the last photo!*


This saber includes the following:


~ Protected 3.7v 3000mAh 15A high-drain Li-Ion 18650 battery cell


~ Proffie v2.2 w/ 16GB SD Card


~ 9-pin universal pixel connector


~ 24mm 3w 4ohm bass speaker


~ 14mm dual tactile switches


~ Micro USB data cable


~ USB 18650 single-cell charger


~ 1" 3D printed removable chassis


The saber comes preconfigured with 11 fonts/presets:


Analog, Decay, Hyperflow, Magnetic, Redemption, Rogue Commander, Smooth Fuzz, Smooth Grey, Smooth Jedi, TeensySF, and Tythonian Crystal.


For board programming and general use, please refer to the User's Manual here:

For blade styles and custom configs please visit:



DIY kits and pre-wired saber cores are fully covered if the customer has purchased the optional $85 warranty coverage plan at the point of purchase. Items out of warranty may be subject to repair fees of up to $120 depending on the repair/replacement required. 

Warranty Coverage includes coverage for product repair/replacement at any time for 1 year from the date of purchase.

To initiate a warranty or repair claim please Contact Us.


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