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This is a custom limited edition "Blood-Soaked Transcendence MKII" saber! It's powdercoated in layers, with flat black and red; then hand weathered to give a true uniquely-distressed texture.


The saber comes complete with functioning electronics, pixel blade, and charger.

(also included, is a hex wrech, optional chassis hood, and a external battery holder for safe keeping the li-ion cell if charging externally.)


Blade shown is for refence only, this saber includes a clear neopixel blade.


The included Pixel blade and Plecter Labs Crystal Focus X, allow for the most cutting-edge saber experience avalible! Experience full RGB color-spectrum support, multiple blade profiles, R.I.C.E. support/editing via on board micro USB, unlimited soundfonts with smoothswing support, and free firmware updates from Plecter Labs; which enable further functionality and features to enjoy!


Everything you need to know about the Crystal Focus X can be found HERE.


Firmware updates can be found HERE.


The current installed firmware is v10.000G1


Please read the Crystal Focus user manual above for instructions on how to edit, customize, and update your saber! 

Saber Specs:
~ Special edition custom 5 Axis CNC machined Transcendence MKII hilt.
~Machined out of T-6061 aircraft grade aluminum alloy.
-Removable threaded mid-section.
~1.40" General OD x 1.24" ID


~ Hilt is 11" inches in length. 
~2" switch and port slot. All