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A custom Transcendence MK3. Built to order. Fully installed and ready to go! 


This is the factory finish, which includes a smooth machined finish with black anodized grip sections.


What's Installed?


~ Removable KeepPower 21700 Li-Ion cell


~ OLED screen


~ 28mm 2w 4 ohm Bass Speaker


~ x2 low-profile tactile switches


~ Illuminated crystal chamber with 12 additional side accent pixels


~ USB-C port slot for charging and board access


~ 9-pin PXL adapter


~ Plecter Lab's Crystal Focus X soundboard. (Firmware version FW v10.007F- More info HERE.)


The CFX now uses a cutting-edge "GraFx" mode that utilizes user-made bitmap images to create virtually any blade or effect style imaginable! 


A 35" PXL blade can be added. These are "mid-grade" blades that offer great durability with superior lightweight comfort!


Important Notes:


If/when re-inserting the chassis, be sure NOT to over-tighten the chassis retention screw, otherwise, the chassis won't allow the rear grip section to fit correctly. Only 1-2 quarter turns to apply light pressure is needed!



Hilt Specs:



~ Limited-edition custom 5 Axis CNC machined hilt.


~ Precision machined out of T-6061 aluminum alloy.


~ Black Anodized Grip Sections


~ Red anodized switch plungers. 


~ Removable threaded mid-section.


~1.40" General OD x 1.24" ID


~ 11" inches in length. 


~ 2" exposed crystal chamber slot.


~ 1" ID emitter. 


~ x6 4-40 (1/8"), x6 4-40 (1/4"), x1 8/32 (1/4") screws. 


~ Includes 1/8" 8-32 blade retention screw.


As with all the Transcendence MK3's- Each saber comes with a exclusive, laser engraved, wooden display box. Each box also sports a unique "run number" on the bottom right, that designates which hilt you receive from the batch! 

Transcendence MK3

$799.00 Regular Price
$633.00Sale Price
  • Returns and Exchanges:

    Returns and exchanges are applicable within 14 days after receiving the saber, so long as the saber is in a unopend or unused condition. If the saber has shown use, includes modifications, or arrives back to me in a damaged/unoperational state- the return will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.  



    Although, all sabers are thoroughly tested and verified operational before leaving my shop, sometimes unanticipated issues may arise. For such instances, I offer a 30-day repair warranty on all sabers that only covers malfunctions & defects due to workmanship. Any defects & damages caused by or from misuse by the customer- are not covered under warranty. 
    The customer WILL NOT  be charged for warrantied repairs. However, it is up to the customer to provide shipping ONLY back to my shop for any repair warranty. The warranty is void if I see that there is any tampering or modification to the saber that may have lead to it's malfunction.

    I offer repair services for sabers outside of the warranty. Rates depend on the damage and repairs needed. Please contact me for more information.

    Additionally, I also offer a flat-rate repair fee of $45 for PXLBlades™ damaged out of warranty. Customer must pay shipping fees.

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