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This was a build I decided to do that was based off the design of a saber in the old Jedi Academy video game. So this was my rendition of it! 


*Custom Tri-Cree XPE-2 LED (Red-Orange, Red-Orange, White)


*Hand crafted hilt from T-6061 aluminum, heavlily weathered and powdercoated in flat black and flat clear.


*Blue Illuminated AV momentary switch


*Plecter Lab's Nano Biscotti v3 wired for flash on clash


*Includes hex key, 3.7v li-ion charger, and 30" Thick-Walled DFCS Polycarbonate blade.

"Corroded Knight" (NBv3 Powered) *Sold*

Out of Stock
  • RETURNS: Buyer has 14 days after receiving the item to return it for: money back. Buyer pays for shipping. Product must be in working condition. Returns must also include accessories such as blades and chargers. 

    Not associated with LUCASFILM LTD.™ or any LFL Ltd.™ Film or Franchise. 

    A) All sabers designed, illuminated and parts that are modified by Dark Force Custom Saber LLC are covered against: 
    1. Defects in workmanship and are covered for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase. (This does not include PVC sabers which are only 14 days) 
    2 Normal wear and tear which includes but not limited to: NORMAL wear and tear and proper use of saber. 
    Normal and proper use of saber is dependent of type of saber purchased from Dark Force Custom Sabers LLC. And it is the customers responsibility to know the limitations of the saber before they purchase a specific saber. 

    B) Items NOT covered under warranty are as follows: 
    1. Blades and tips 
    2. Damage to saber due to misuse, recklessness or abuse, (throwing, running over, beating trees, etc..) Most sabers can withstand heavier dueling, so keep it to sparing/dueling. This DOES NOT include PVC sabers, they are to be used ONLY for display purposes. 
    3. ALL shipping to and from customer is not covered and is customers full responsibility. 
    4. ANY sabers PVC or Metal that have been torn apart, or have been attempted to be worked on by customers is NEVER covered and voids the warranty. 
    5. Defective components such as speakers, LEDs, or sound cards. Every saber leaves Dark Force Custom Sabers in working-functional condition guaranteed. 
    6. If customer makes a clam that none of the above has happened and I receive the saber in a condition that otherwise shows or makes me believe otherwise, the saber will not be covered and customer will be charged a rate of $40 and hour plus parts to fix damaged saber. 
    7. Saber is only warranted under the name of the original customer. 

    Every saber leaves Dark Force Custom Sabers in working-functional condition guaranteed. 
    All our sabers made of aluminum are made by us on our machines and are not CNC machined. 
    So, therefore are not always flawless.

  • Watch the video overview of this saber HERE!

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