100% handcrafted rounded polycarbonate blade tip for 1" OD polycarbonate tubing and blades used in prop lightsaber building! They come ready for installation on your favorite choice of polycarbonate or acrylic blades. They feature a unique reflective mylar pass-through mirror to help reflect light bleed back into the blade and illuminate the tip- for a brighter, more even saber blade!

These are shouldered for use in thick walled polycarbonate blades. To provide better hold and extra durability. You do not have to use a thick walled blade to use these tips- but for the most robust result- it is recommended.

NOTE: These blade tips are all hand machined- and may have some slight imperfections! None of which are noticeable when lit, nor will any imperfections affect the lighting. Although we do our best to make sure every tip is identical. We can not guarantee this when ordering in multiples.

Polycarbonate Blade Tip

  • You can apply these tips in a number of ways: We recommend Gorilla Super Glue or Loctite Professional Super Glue for the best results. 


  • This is classified as a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Product, therefore we do not allow returns or refunds on any DIY items.

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