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A complete pre-wired MHS v1 Tri-LED module specifically to fit hilts and blade holders from The Custom Saber Shop. This unit comes pre-resisted according to which color you want! They DO NOT come resisted for soundboards or double cell battery packs. These units are made to order.

(we recommend a .5 ohm 3w resistor for "single cell" soundboards like the Nano Biscotti by Plecter Labs and our own modified Hasbro boards.)

If you have any questions or need any help- Feel free to contact us.

You get:
x1 Machined MHS v1 (TCSS) aluminium/copper LED module
x1 Pre-wired Tri-Cree XPE2
x1 Tri Optic Lens

*Products pictured are subject to change, Photos is for reference only*

Pre-Wired MHS Tri-Cree XPE-2 LED Module

LED Color
  • There are no returns on DIY Items.

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