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Open-source Proffieboard v3.9 designed and developed by Fredrik Hubble.


Includes 16GB micro SD card.


Comes pre-programmed for 2 button pixel (118 px) configuration with gesture controls and 38 font profiles.


All information and software on how to use, program, and wire up a Proffie can be found here:


The official Proffie manual can be found here:


Features, styles, and blade effects can be found here:

Proffieboard v3.9 Open-Source Lightsaber Soundboard Microcontroller

  • Due to the the DIY nature of soundboards, we cannot offer warranties, returns, or exchanges on devices such as soundboards and microcontrollers once they’ve been soldered, installed, or assembled.

    However, repair and general support options are available please contact us for more information.

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