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The "Reborn" is one of our most complex and sophisticated designs we've yet to offer! 


It's smaller diameter makes it ideal for both enthusiast and builders- without losing aesthetic and features.


These sabers are installed on a per-order basis. Once ordered, please allow 1-2 weeks for completion! (Pictures are for refrence only.)


These sabers comes complete with functioning electronics, pixel blade, and charger.

(also included, is a hex wrech and a external battery holder for safe keeping the li-ion cell if charging externally.)


You can choose to have your Reborn to be powdercoated and/or weathered to include a more exotic finish. 


[Please note: While we try our best, due to their individual "by hand" nature, some hilt finishes may include subtle, unavoidable, machining marks and/or other small variations in finish.]


The current finish options avalible are: (More pictures coming soon, please see Transcendence listings to get an idea of the different hilt finishes)


1) Standard (factory machined finish)

2) Ancient Bronze

3) Stealth Black

4) Battle Weathered

5) Bloodsoaked


The included Pixel blade and Plecter Labs Crystal Focus X, allow for the most cutting-edge saber experience avalible! Experience full RGB color-spectrum support, multiple blade profiles, R.I.C.E. support/editing via on board micro USB, unlimited soundfonts with smoothswing support, and free firmware updates from Plecter Labs; which enable further functionality and features to enjoy!


Everything you need to know about the Crystal Focus X can be found HERE.


Firmware updates can be found HERE.


The current installed firmware is v10.000G1


Please read the Crystal Focus user manual above for instructions on how to edit, customize, and update your saber! 


Dark Force Custom Sabers is not liable for any damages to or from the user, saber and/or additonal products. Please use at your own risk. While we back our work- please see the "Warranty and Returns" section for more details.

Saber Specs:
-Removable threaded mid-section.
~1" ID emitter. 


~32" long 1" OD thick-walled polycarbonate LED pixel blade. (Using TCSS PCB connectors)


~3D Printed Nylon Chassis.


~Powered by Plecter Labs' Crystal Focus X soundboard driver.


~Keepower Li-Ion 18650 3.7v 15A High-Drain battery cell. (charger included)


~2.1mm recharge port (kill key included)


~Programmable OLED Screen (Optional Add-on)


~ Hilt is 10.5" inches long, 1.38" OD (not including switch box size), 1" ID (emitter side), and 1.20" OD (chassis/rear side)


~ Designed for Combat.


~ x2 12mm Switch Sockets. 


~ Convenient 2.1mm Recharge Socket.


~ 8-32 Blade Retention Screw.


~ Emitter Vent Box (Reveals color/light of the blade within the hilt.)


Please note that the additional OLED screen option is best suited for display sabers.

If you plan on dueling with your saber, it's best to order without the OLED.


$889.99 Regular Price
$689.99Sale Price
Switch LED Color
Out of Stock
  • Due to their individual limited nature, I do not offer returns or exchanges on custom sabers, all sabers are sold as is; and are made "one-of-a-kind" and are thoroughly tested before leaving my shop. However, I do offer a 30 day repair warranty on my custom work that only covers malfunctions & defects due to workmanship. Any defects & damages caused from misuse by the customer; is not covered under warranty. 
    You will not be charged for warrantied repairs. However, it is up to the customer to provide shipping ONLY back to my shop for any repair warranty. The warranty is void if I see that there is any tampering or modification to the saber that may have lead to it's malfunction.

    I offer saber repair services for sabers outside of the warranty. Rates depend on the damage and repairs needed. Please contact me for more information.

    Separately, I offer a repair fee of $35 for NeoBlades™ damaged out of warranty. Customer must pay shipping fees.

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