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The "Reborn" is one of our most complex and sophisticated designs we've yet to offer! 


It's smaller diameter makes it ideal for both duelists and builders- without losing aesthetic and install space.


Hilt Specs:


~ 5-Axis CNC machined 2-part design with threading. Machined out of T-6061 aluminium alloy.


~ Hilt is 10.5" inches long, 1.38" OD (not including switch box size), 1" ID (emitter side), and 1.20" OD (chassis/rear side)


~ Designed to Hold a 1" Blade.


~ Designed for Combat.


~ x2 12mm Switch Sockets. 


~ Convenient 2.1mm Recharge Socket.


~ 8-32 Blade Retention Screw.


~ Emitter Vent Box (Reveals color/light of the blade within the hilt.)


Please note- there is a 3-5 day processing time on all powdercoated hilts.


Reborn Empty Hilt

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