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This saber is a custom commission build that was for a client that wanted a saber that was clean and sleek and had a good amount of personal flair. But shared some aspects of the Obi-Wan and Luke (RotJ) style sabers- thus bringing forth the newest custom build from our shop! Enjoy! 

*Hand machined out of T-6061 Aluminum

*Recessed Anti-Vandal Illuminated Momentary Switch.

* DFCS 1" Thick Walled Polycarbonate Blade

* Plecter Labs Nano Biscotti v3 w/ Flash on clash

*Custom Reflown Tri-Cree XPE-2 (mixed for purple, with white FoC)

"Reminiscence" (Nano Biscotti v3 Powered) *SOLD*

Out of Stock
  • Check out the video of this saber HERE!


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