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This is a limited edition "Weathered Trooper" Resurgence saber. It has a white & matte black powdercoating, with weathered accenting! It was one of our concepts based off the Imperial Knight series of the old EU books/comics.


Watch the video demo HERE




This is a completed saber with fully functional electronic components.
Hilt Specs:
~ Sleek Graflex inspired 5 Axis CNC machined hilt.
~Machined out of T-6061 aircraft grade aluminum alloy.
-Removable threaded pommel.
~1.40" General OD x 1.24" ID (OD varies slightly due to tapered hilt design).  
~ Hilt is a limited edition custom powdercoated/weathered Resurgence hilt. 
(11.2" inches in length.) 
~ Recessed switch and recharge port limits accedental shut off & promotes a more comfortable grip.


~ Custom all-in-one chassis unit built specficly for our Resurgence class hilts. 


~ Designed for combat.


Electronic Specs:



~ A 32" long 1" OD  removable thickwalled (neopixel powered) NeoBlade™ allows for near infinite color options, combat-worthy durablity, realistic blade scrolling upon ignition and retraction, with more fully adjustable settings (pulse, ignition/retraction time, flicker, and shimmer) available through the Nano Biscotte's micro SD card. 


~ Plecter Labs Nano Biscotte v4 soundboard. Allows up to 3 different soundfonts (Lightmeat, Greymeat, and Darkmeat fonts are included). Factory settings are enabled, the current blade colors with saber ships with are Silver, Red, and Royal Blue.


~ Red anodozed momentary switch


~ Orbtronic 18650 Li-Ion High-Drain battery cell; rechargable via recessed switchcraft 2.1mm recharge port. (Charger included.)


~ 28mm 2W 8ohm Speaker.


~ 5 pin indexable NeoBlade™ socket connector.


This saber comes complete with a charger, anodized red kill key, and 8-32 hex key for the blade retention screw.




"Weathered Trooper" Resurgence (Nano Biscotte v4 Powered NeoPixel Saber) *SOLD*

Out of Stock
  • I do not offer returns or exchanges on custom sabers, all pieces are sold as is; and are made "one-of-a-kind" and are thoroughly tested before leaving my shop. However, I do offer a 30 day repair warranty on my custom work that only covers malfunctions & defects due to workmanship. Any defects & damages caused from misuse by the customer; is not covered under warranty. 
    You will not be charged for warrantied repairs. However, it is up to the customer to provide shipping ONLY back to my shop for any repair warranty. The warranty is void if I see that there is any tampering or modification to the saber that may have lead to it's malfunction.

    I do offer saber repair services for sabers outside of the warranty. Rates depend on the damage and repairs needed.

    Separately, I offer a repair fee of $35 for NeoBlades™ damaged out of warranty. Customer must pay shipping fees.

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