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This is a limited edition "Weathered Trooper" Resurgence saber. It has a white & matte black powdercoating, with weathered accenting! It was one of our concepts based off the Imperial Knight series of the old EU books/comics.


Watch the video demo HERE




This is a completed saber with fully functional electronic components.
Hilt Specs:
~ Sleek Graflex inspired 5 Axis CNC machined hilt.
~Machined out of T-6061 aircraft grade aluminum alloy.
-Removable threaded pommel.
~1.40" General OD x 1.24" ID (OD varies slightly due to tapered hilt design).  
~ Hilt is a limited edition custom powdercoated/weathered Resurgence hilt. 
(11.2" inches in length.) 
~ Recessed switch and recharge port limits accedental shut off & promotes a more comfortable grip.


~ Custom all-in-one chassis unit built specficly for our Resurgence class hilts. 


~ Designed for combat.


Electronic Specs:



~ A 32" long 1" OD  removable thickwalled (neopixel powered) NeoBlade™ allows for near infinite color options, combat-worthy durablity, realistic blade scrolling upon ignition and retraction, with more fully adjustable settings (pulse, ignition/retraction time, flicker, and shimmer) available through the Nano Biscotte's micro SD card. 


~ Plecter Labs Nano Biscotte v4 soundboard. Allows up to 3 different soundfonts (Lightmeat, Greymeat, and Darkmeat fonts are included). Factory settings are enabled, the current blade colors with saber ships with are Silver, Red, and Royal Blue.


~ Red anodozed momentary switch


~ Orbtronic 18650 Li-Ion High-Drain battery cell; rechargable via recessed switchcraft 2.1mm recharge port. (Charger included.)


~ 28mm 2W 8ohm Speaker.


~ 5 pin indexable NeoBlade™ socket connector.


This saber comes complete with a charger, anodized red kill key, and 8-32 hex key for the blade retention screw.




"Weathered Trooper" Resurgence (Nano Biscotte v4 Powered NeoPixel Saber) *SOLD*