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This is a digital STL file that will allow you to 3D print your own chassis unit that is designed specifically for the Transcendence hilts.


Pictures shown are for reference only, and do not include any physical items.


Chassis Specifications:

  • 1.24" OD
  • All-In-One wire management friendly design.
  • Fitment available for a variety of soundboards (Crystal Focus, PRIZM, Igniter 3, etc..)
  • Dual 12mm AV switch sockets; x1 recharge port socket. (fits 2.1mm plugs)
  • 8.64" total unit length.
  • Fits most 18650 Li-ion cells.
  • Fits 1" LED unit or neopixel socket.
  • 1.11" speaker socket fits most 28mm speakers. (Will not fit bass speakers.)
  • 1.24 x 8.64 x 1.24 inches

Transcendence Standard Chassis (v3) DIGITAL STL FILE

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