Frequently asked questions


I purchased two seperate orders; can they be combined into one shipment?

Unfortunately, once orders are fully processed, muliple seperate orders can not be combined.

How long will my order take?

Orders including items that are in stock take 1-2 business days to be shipped. Items that need to be assembled or are made to order can take 2-7 days depending on order quantity & item complexity. Please read item desciptions to see how long (if any) build time is required. Please note this doesn't include the shipping time of your order.

How long do I have to wait for shipping?

For domestic shipping within the United States; 2-4 business days is the standard wait time for most orders. For international orders; 6-12 business days. Please note: While most orders ship Priority USPS mail. Some orders ship First-Class; this can change the shipping times by a few days depending on the shipping destination. All orders are shipped exclusively United States Postal Service.

Can I get express shipping?

Yes! During checkout you can choose to have your order "rush ordered" via express shipping! Alternately, you can contact us prior to your order and have us invoice you for your order and express shipping options.


Can I have different connectors on my prewired LED module?

Currently JST connectors come standard; However Micro-Dean (saberforge style) connectors can be requested in the order notes or through email.

I got a faulty board; can I return/exchange it?

Since every board and LED is hand assembled and tested prior to being shipped to a customer; and due to the nature of DIY products. We do not offer returns on DIY items. (Please see product details for more info on which products have return policies) If a board or LED unit is received upon delivery as non-functioning, we can repair or exchange the unit. The buyer must pay the shipping to send the product back to our shop. However; if a unit stops functioning or is damaged during use or installation; we do offer repair services for a fee. Please contact us about board, blade, LED unit repairs.

I need help with my prewired board!

Not to worry! We have a easy to follow users manual for our modifed boards here: If you need further assistance; please feel free to drop us a line in the Contact Us tab!

Can I make my board/speaker louder?

Specifically with our modified boards and speakers; the premium speakers help create a slight boost in volume, but are mostly recommended for clarity. They do very little for extra loudness. Unfortunately, these boards simply don't have the power or way to boost the audio signal path to allow for more power for the on-board audio driver. Also do remember that more RMS (perceived loudness) comes from proper speaker installation within the hilt. It's highly recommended to give the speaker some resonance space within your hilt maximize loudness and quality if and when possible.

Can I change the soundfont on my prewired board?

No. There is no easy way to change or alter the soundfont on these modified boards.

Sabers & Designs

Are your sabers real?

Real as in you can get! But no; they aren't actually real "cut-through-things-like-in-the-movies" sabers. Such technology doesn't exist yet.

Do you make replica sabers?

We do not currently offer replica sabers. This is mainly due to our focus on the custom and DIY market.

I want a saber you made; but it's out of stock.

The beauty of our work is that most of it is completely one of a kind or done in limited edition runs! However don't give up hope- it's possible to get a similar saber made just for you. :) Please email us and we can see what we can do!

Can you design a saber for me?

We can certainly design a saber for you. Please note: Custom commission jobs require a manditory design fee; then if the design moves forward- half the order cost up front and the other half once the saber is complete. There are some things we simply don't offer in our shop such as acid etching. Prices can vary depending on design & complexity. (i.e. curved saber and crossguard sabers would cost significantly more than your normal saber.) Please email us your ideas, and we can see what we can do for you.

Do you do custom installs on my Ultrasabers/Saberforge/Korbanth/Etc.. ?

We currently aren't doing custom installs on 3rd party sabersmiths and manufactures.

My Neo-Blade is acting weird?

Not to worry! You may need to charge your saber for a few hours before/after using it, to ensure you have a good performing blade and a saber with no weird glitches. This is extremely common with neo-pixel powered sabers; due to the current discharge rates required by neopixel blades. They can drain batteries quickly and cause weird behavior to occur when running on a low battery. If your blade has been damaged from use- We can repair it for a $35 service repair fee. Customer must pay shipping fees.

How Do I Build my Own Saber??

Aside from the pixel blade and your hilt, the only other pieces you'd need to complete your build would be: 1) A hi-drain battery [and a charger]. (The KeepPower 15A Highdrain 18650 or Orbtronic 10A 18650 would be my two choices.) You can find the KeepPower cell's here: 2) A suitable speaker. The ones I offer in the shop are the standard premium speakers. They're good quality, loud, and are thin enough to fit in most chassis. You can find those here: However, if you want something with more low-end bass; there are other options from The Custom Saber Shop. 3) A soundboard module of your choosing! If this is your first build, I highly recommend going for the Plecter Labs Crystal Focus X. It's the "go-to" soundboard most of the sabersmiths (including Vader's Vault) use in their sabers. These boards come ready to go as soon as you wire it in! You can find those boards here: Although, if you wanted more control and flexibility; the open source Proffieboard v2.2 might be the better option; however, you will need to learn some mild code and programming to use it. 4) A 3D printed chassis to fit all the electronics in the hilt. This can be easy or tricky depending on who manufactured your Revan hilt. Sometimes it's required to have something specially designed and 3d printed. First, you might check with the original manufacture themselves if you can and see if they offer a chassis design for that hilt. If not, you'll need to find a third-party alternative. Goth 3D does amazing custom work on the more aesthetically technical side. Very high-quality! 5) Wire. I personally use PTFE wire in all my custom builds and pixel blades. It'll last a lifetime and has good heat and power management. Although, it's slippery, so it makes it slightly difficult to work with if you're new to soldering and wiring- But very well worth the effort! But the general rule of thumb is to use 28-30 AWG for wiring everything else except for your pixel blade (the ones I offer are already prewired with 22 AWG PTFE wire) and your power supply. (Which you'd use the same 22 AWG to maintain good strong current flow.) OPTIONAL STUFF: Depending on how you want things set-up, and what you end up going for in terms of chassis; you may or may not need/want some of these other things. 6) A recharge port for in-hilt charging: 7) A kill key to cut power to the saber when in storage or on display: 8) An 18650 sized battery holder (I personally like the Keystone Electronic's models): [Again, this will completely depend on your chassis; some will allow for use of a battery holder- others have their own built in, and some require you to solder the leads directly on the cells.] The crystal focus X is a newer board that doesn't have a ton of walk-through videos on how to wire it up; But the manual is very well laid out and fairly straight forward! My apologies for the novel write-up! But that should give you all the sources and items you need. Of course, if you have any other question or need any additional help- i'm more than happy to help you out!