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This saber was an extremely enjoyable build; and i'm happy to say that it includes some of the most cutting-edge saber tech available! This was the saber premiered at Tampa Bay Comic Con!

This saber is completely custom made, hand-machined out of T-6061 aluminum alloy. 
The design includes a sleek powdercoat color scheme consisting of matte black and translucent red across the hilt.


-Dual momentary tactile switches for ignition & auxillary access.


-A 8 Ohm 28mm 2w speaker gives this saber a very loud and clear voice; along with the Plecter Labs PRIZM v5.1 soundboard! Which is a highly configurable and customizable via onboard microSD card.


- Utilizes our new multi-colored LED Pixel Strip powered NeoBlade™! Allowing for the brightest, most realistic illuminated saber experience available; with no loss in durability or removability! With use of the features present in the PRIZM v5.1; you now have 13 customizable color options per soundfont (3 preloaded; but can have up to 6). Realistic blade scrolling during ignition and retraction, flash on clash, blade lock-up, and blaster-bolt blade effects.


- Custom two-part hilt design includes a built-in aluminum chassis; allowing for display & easy access to the board's microSD card.


- Built in recharge port system (charger & kill key included); charges the single cell, high-capacity 18650 Li-Ion battery, for up to half-hour in continuous use. [It's recommended to keep the kill key in the saber when not in use.]


Click HERE to see this saber in action!


Due to the "by-hand" machining process of my hilts, some sabers may have small blemishes and slight imperfections. please be sure to view the pictures for any details (if any). Every saber I construct is individual and different; they are all designed with my own creative interpretation and with the best in mind. 

"Dark Warrior" PRIZM v5.1 Powered Custom Saber *SOLD*

Out of Stock
  • I do not offer returns or exchanges on custom sabers, all pieces are sold as is; and are made "one-of-a-kind" and are thoroughly tested before leaving my shop. However, I do offer a 30 day repair warranty on my custom work that only covers malfunctions & defects due to workmanship. Any defects & damages caused from misuse by the customer; is not covered under warranty. 
    You will not be charged for warrantied repairs. However, it is up to the customer to provide shipping ONLY back to my shop for any repair warranty. The warranty is void if I see that there is any tampering or modification to the saber that may have lead to it's malfunction.

    I do offer saber repair services for sabers outside of the warranty. Rates depend on the damage and repairs needed.

    Separately, I offer a repair fee of $35 for NeoBlades™ damaged out of warranty. Customer must pay shipping fees.

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