This kit is one of the most advanced, feature-filled, plug n' play kits we've offered to date!


Please note: The Saberforge and Ultrasaber versions DO NOT INCLUDE RECHARGE PORTS. The Ultrasaber's chassies comes in white, and the Saberforge version in black. Both will come with fully assembled electronics. (photos are for reference only.)




It includes a fully featured customizable prewired soundboard (your choice of Proffie v2.2 or Plecter Labs Crystal Focus X), durable 3d printed chassis, effective dual tactile switches embodied in a single 16mm switch profile, and a built in battery holder for 18650 li-ion cells!


Please note: This is a preassembled DIY kit and DOES NOT include any hilt supplies, blade holders, kill keys, chargers, batteries, or USB cables. (photos are for reference only.)


These kits are typically made to order- Please allow 1-2 business days for assembly.


All soundboards come with their own factory fonts. Please refer to each of the board's respective documentation for more info on how to use, operate, and/or customize your selected board for your saber project:



Plecter Labs CFX:


NOTE: Proffieboards come with ProffieOS v3.9 loaded and a copy of the config.h file within the SD card.
CFX boards come with the most up to date firmware.


Of course, if you have any questions feel free to reach out!


What's included:

~Our UNVSL 3D-Printed PETG Chassis (5.08" long, 1.24" OD)


~Optional choice of a pre-wired Crystal Focus X or Proffieboard v2.2


~Pre-wired 2.1mm recharge port (kill key not included)


~Pre-wired pixel strip support with TCSS PCB connectors OR Optionally, RGB Tri-Cree w/ aluminium & copper 1" OD Heatsink.


~Pre-wired 16mm dual tactile switch module (for activation & aux)


~Your choice between 28mm Premium Speaker or 28mm Bass Speaker.


~Wired with Mil-Spec PTFE wire.


~Optional 32" blade (either pixel blade or cellophane wrapped in-hilt blade)


~Everything you need to complete your custom illuminated saber project, no soldering required!

Prewired Proffie/CFX v3 Electronics Saber Kit

  • Due to the DIY nature of these electronic components, we assemble and test every kit before they leave our shop. However, we are not liable for any damages that may occur during shipping and/or during customer use. Therefore exchanges or refunds are not possible on DIY parts, hilts, or kits.