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We are proud to present the highly anticipated MK3 Transcendence! 


Building on the legacy of what came before, while introducing some new features- The Transcendence MK3 evolves the design that helped put our company on the map!


Sporting a new extra-refined look thanks to the new grip-sleeve and emitter guard pieces- the new Transcendence now also includes new dual switch plungers to make room for more creative building options in the exposed mid section. 


Including a 2-piece, SLS 3D printed, removable chassis makes for a refined install & user experience. 


The chassis system is designed around a built-in (optional) crystal chamber slot that holds up to 13 pixel LEDs. This area is also designed to accept creative shrouding options, if the builder desires! (Internal shroud pieces must have 1.18" ID and 1.24" OD).


The chassis supports a removable KeepPower 21700 Li-Ion cell, OLED screen, 28mm bass speaker, x2 low-profile tactile switches, 13 accent pixels, USB-C port slot, and a 1" emitter area that allows builders to use their favorite pixel or LED modules. (Battery tabs included)


Each saber comes with a exclusive, laser engraved, display box. Each box also sports a unique "run number" on the bottom right, that designates which hilt you receive from the batch!


These are EMPTY hilts and include NO electronics.



Hilt Specs:



~ Limited-edition custom 5 Axis CNC machined hilt.


~ Precision machined out of T-6061 aluminum alloy.


~ Black anodized grip sections.


~ Red anodized switch plungers.


~ Machined emitter sleeve & emitter guard.


~ Removable threaded mid-section.


~1.40" General OD x 1.24" ID


~ 11" inches in length. 


~2" exposed chamber slot.


~1" ID emitter. Hold's any 1" inch blade.


~x6 4-40 (1/8"), x6 4-40 (1/4"), x1 8/32 (1/4") screws. 


~ Includes 1/8" 8-32 blade retention screw.

Transcendence MK3 Hilt Kit

$229.99 Regular Price
$184.99Sale Price
Out of Stock
  • Empty hilts, kits, and products that are modified or assembled by the end-user, are classified and sold as DIY items. We can not accept returns or exchanges on DIY items.

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