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Peridian Knight

Prop FX Hilt Kit

DFCS Peridian Knight Ezra Bridger Prop Replica Lightsaber

The Dark Force Journey

About DFCS

Established in 2015, Dark Force Custom Sabers LLC was brought to life by Brent Malik who, as a long-time custom saber enthusiast and avid Star Wars fan; wanted to bring his own artful renditions, custom saber designs, and other saber-related products to the saber market.

Since then, Dark Force Custom Sabers LLC has strived to provide custom, limited-run sabers, and premium DIY parts for custom saber enthusiasts all across the globe.


Whether you're looking for a unique hilt, a completed build, or components to construct your own custom saber - Our goal is to make your saber creations come alive and illuminate the world one saber at a time!


Transcendence MK3 Empty Hilt Kit

Transcendence MK3
Hilt Kits



CFX Transcendence MK3



36" PXL Blade



1.10" Pre-Wired Electronics


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